Goodbye Little Apple

Kevin and I have just a few days until we head out on our epic road trip adventure.  We don’t really have much of an itinerary for our travels which is pretty exciting in a sense, but terrifying in another.  We decided to start a fancy blog to share our hopefully somewhat interesting travel stories.  I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that!

Today is Saturday and we leave on Tuesday.  We are not fully packed.  I am in panic mode.  Kevin is calm as usual.  I know that everything will get done, but I will breathe a huge sigh of relief once we are finished!  As I sit here listening to Kanye, I can’t help but identify with his statement: “Life movin’ too fast. I need to slow down.”  Word, Kanye.

I had my last day at Aspen Coffee & Tea (formerly Brewed Awakenings) exactly a week ago today.  I knew that my last day would come eventually, but it always seemed so far away.  Now that day has come and gone.  I miss it so much already.  I miss bickering with Tony in the kitchen and our beautiful singing… I miss Chris making fun of me, being awkward with Cierra and Annee… and with everyone else who works at Aspen… I miss seeing Jen and her puppy Dio sitting on the couch.  I miss Justis finding the most ridiculous Post Crescent articles, and Joanna’s seemingly calm panic.  I miss Natalie’s indie techno and sweet dance moves.  I could go on forever… but I won’t.  I love you guys!  Y’all are the best coworkers I could have ever asked for!

There are so many people that I’m going to miss!  When I first came back to Appleton from Dublin I thought it would be weird sticking around town (and illegally living in the dorms) after having graduated from Lawrence. The illegally living in the dorms part definitely was weird, but becoming friends with Elyse, who had also stuck around Appleton, made the transition between student life and graduate life a lot easier.  It was nice to share that experience with someone else.  There are other people who I knew at Lawrence, but who I wasn’t close with until after we were all living in Appleton outside of the Lawrence bubble and entering the real world together.  I’m really happy that we got to spend this time in Appleton together!

Last week, our friend and Kevin’s coworker, Adam Koenig had a lovely photo shoot with us.  He is a wonderful photographer!  He is very talented and great at taking natural, raw, yet precise photos.  Anyone who knows me or Kevin is aware of the fact that we can be… awkward… but Adam embraced that and made us feel comfortable.  The timing of these photos couldn’t have been better.  They will be a great memento for our last days in Appleton.

Here’s his blog post about our photo shoot:

Make sure to check out his website too!


Speaking of Kevin’s coworkers, I would just like to say how lovely and welcoming all of you Harmony people have been!  I love that we bridged the gap between Harmony and Aspen and that the bridge will continue with Justis and Kate.  I realize that being 2 coffee shops within a block of each other should probably make us somewhat competitive… but why would we want to compete with such lovely people?  I’ll miss you guys a lot!

Okay… I think I need to call it quits on my first blog post.  Hopefully there will be more super awesome entries in the near future to look forward to!  Can I temp you with a heartfelt post by the lovely Kevin a.k.a. Jesus?  I don’t really know how one signs off on a blog… so… I guess I’ll just say:  This is Molly signing off… Thanks for reading (those of you who made it through this whole bloody entry)… and … I hope you’re having a nice day?  Stay classy Appleton?  Yeah!


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