We’re in Toronto, Eh?

Yesterday, Kevin and I made the journey from Oak Park to Toronto.  We learned a lot of lessons, which I will share with you now!

1.  Picnics in Ann Arbor are wonderful… as long as you don’t have the urge to sip on a martini.


2.  Driving into Canada isn’t as dramatic as we thought it might be.  It basically looks like the United States… only… cleaner?  I don’t really know what I was expecting.  Mounties like Dudley Do-Right?  People apologizing left and right even when they did nothing wrong?  Toothless mullet-sporting hockey players and enthusiasts?


3.  As we approached the Toronto skyline from highway 427 Kevin appropriately said “don’t judge a metropolis by the view from the highway.”  A good lesson to live by.  It was not exactly a beautiful sight as we drove into the city.  Skyscrapers blocking out the sun.  Graffiti… my personal favorite was “eat hot cheetos” over an exit sign.  But as we explore the city more and more today in the daylight, I’m starting to see the beauty in the city.

4.  Hostels make me feel old.  The filth and noise used to seem charming.  Now it is more of a manageable inconvenience.

5.  Exploring without an itinerary is awesome.  There has not been a time recently I can remember feeling this relaxed.  Traveling with a buddy who has the same ideas about what is interesting is key.  See Exhibit A below: excitement over reaching the 600 mile marker on our road trip adventure!Image

Well that’s it for the lessons for now!  We’re hanging out at a great coffee shop right now called Dark Horse and splitting a french press, before we head over to another coffee shop recommended to us by our wonderful amigo Lawton. It’s a coffee shop hoppin’ kind of day!  And tonight, thanks to the lovely David, we will be seeing Sigur Ros!!

Over and out from Canada.


3 thoughts on “We’re in Toronto, Eh?

  1. EAT HOT CHEETOS! You guys should go to Sky Blue Sky if you’re still in Toronto, it’s this shop that names all its sandwiches after Wilco songs. No idea if it’s any good but if you go you can give me the low-down. Next stop Montreal I hope?!

  2. I love the dice hanging from your rear view mirror! The perfect symbol of an epic road trip with a random itinerary. Your stories are wonderful … keep them coming! Xoxox

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