Sigur Rós

The concert took place at the Air Canada Centre where the Toronto Maple Leafs play.  Needless to say, the venue was HUGE.  It was sort of strange going to a concert (especially seeing a band like Sigur Rós) where there were concession stands with classic stadium food and drinks.  Other than the concession stands, the Stanley Cup banners, and Maple Leafs logo hanging from the ceiling, it did not feel like a sporting event.

The stadium was packed full!  And as we have found to be true in Canada, everyone was very polite!  When I had to ask people in my row to stand so I could squeeze past them, they all apologized to me!  Usually it’s the opposite.  It was a shocker.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sigur Rós, they are an amazing band from Iceland.  They are known for their ethereal sounds, the build of their songs to an epic climax, using a cello bow on an electric guitar, the singer’s angelic voice, and their pure awesomeness… among other things.

The concert started with the band behind a somewhat transparent screen where beautiful videos were projected.  Lawton, I thought you might appreciate the use of slime mold seen in this photo below:


The lighting was amazing.  While the screen was up, the band was backlit by lights from several different angles on different beats of the music, changing the image the audience could see.  In this photo, vocalist and guitarist, Jonsi, is bowing his guitar with a cello bow… it might seem strange, but it actually sounds very beautiful.


The screen dropped and the whole band was revealed!  On this tour in addition to the permanent band members (vocals, guitar, bass, and drums) there were 3 violinists, a brass section consisting of a trumpet, horn, and trombone (sometimes flute), and auxiliary percussion.  The strings and brass sections were really the cheese to the macaroni of the epic-ness.  I’m sure there is a better way to say that… I’ve never been very good with expressions…  (Kevin’s commentary: There is not a better way to say that.)


The video projections behind the band were gorgeous!  Both the music performance and the video could have stood on their own and been amazing.  The combination of the two was perfect!  Had it been done the wrong way it could have been a sensory overload, but the music and the visuals complimented each other perfectly.


Leaving the concert, Kevin and I were in awe.  It’s hard to put into words what a truly amazing experience this was… SO… if you are able to, you should check it out for yourselves!!


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