Toronto… continued!

The rest of our time in Toronto was most excellent and fit in very well with our relaxing theme– sipping coffee, strolling around Kensington Market, snacking and napping by the water…

We spent a good amount of time in the Kensington Market area where we obeyed the sign you see in this image below:


… at least it felt like it!  While in Kensington Market, we stopped by Cafe Pamenar, the coffee shop recommended to us by Lawton.  It was most excellent.  Kevin and I have decided that our favorite coffee shops are the ones that are more than slightly pretentious– the kind of place where if you compliment a barista on the drink they made for you, it seems too obvious.  “Of course it’s good!”  It has a nice rustic feel on the inside and patios in the front and back, good for people watching.


We found out that Toronto is full of hipsters too.  Not that we should have been surprised…


The Toronto skyline is crazy.  There are so many new skyscrapers.  Toronto didn’t have the same feel as New York or Chicago where a majority of the skyscrapers are older and easily distinguished due to the different architecture styles.  In Toronto, the skyscrapers all seemed to have very similar styles with windows covering the majority of the buildings.  It was a very futuristic seeming city.  In the photo below, you can see the construction of even more skyscrapers.


The highlight of our trip to Toronto would have to be the Sigur Rós concert.  We’ll have a blog entry hopefully following shortly with a review and photos from the concert.  Stay tuned!


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