Decorah, pt. 2

We’ve been a little behind recently on blog posts… but please don’t hold that against us!

Kevin and I took a muddy walk along the Iowa River, which, after all the rain we’d been having, was high and flowing fast.


The muddy Iowa River


Kevin on a rock…


We played a TON of ping-pong.  I’d say that our ping-pong skillz improved tremendously, though the reigning champion was Dylan.  Someday Dylan… someday we’ll beat you!



We spent our last night visiting Dylan and Katie at the restaurant where they work.  It was so fancy!  Dylan made me an excellent white Russian.  We ended the night with a trip to the Haymarket.  Best bar in town.  For those of you who are familiar with Appleton bars, it reminded me of a mix between the Nickel and Union Jack’s.  We played pool with a couple of dudes and lost… not as badly as we had expected.


Though the rain came pouring down almost all week, our spirits remained high!  No camping in Iowa unfortunately.  We probably would have been washed away into the Iowa River.  That wouldn’t have been fun.

Thanks to Dylan, Katie, and Joey for hosting us, showing us around, and for the good times.  Also, I’d like to make a shout out to my girl Boots.


Boots with peanut butter

Oh also I pumped gas!  By myself!  My New Jersey friends will understand why this is an exciting accomplishment.



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