Minneapolis: the great April blizzard of 2013

Minneapolis was full of good food, friends (old and new), coffee, games, and bevies.

We stayed with Kevin’s friend Jake and his housemates Will and Riley.  Kevin and Jake have known each other for a very long time… they may have even still been wearing diapers when they met… I don’t know the exact details, but I know that they’ve been friends for a very long time.  They’re pretty cute together.

On our first full day, we went to an awesome restaurant called the New Bohemian.  If you are ever in Minneapolis, I highly recommend going there!  The only items that they have are bratwurst and beer, but they have a great variety of both.  They had several gluten free beers for me to choose from, and I learned from the chef that almost all of their brats and toppings are gluten free.  I had the smoked chicken apple sausage with caramelized onions and a bacon walnut blue cheese sauce.  Kevin had the wild boar Italian, which was described in the menu as being “succulent.”  I have neither confirmed nor denied this claim with Kevin, though he did mention that it was “very tasty.”

Much of downtown Minneapolis is connected by the Skyway—a series of second and third floor footbridges that connect nearly 70 blocks worth of buildings.  Jake gave us a tour of part of the Skyway during his lunch break.  It kind of felt like walking around a mall, but with narrower walkways, and instead of being plagued with preteens, there were snappily dressed business folk.  There were so many different shops—you could never leave the Skyway and you could probably get anything you would ever want or need.  Kevin and I continued walking around the Skyway after we parted ways with Jake… but we got lost, ended up walking around in circles.  We eventually made it out in one piece.  The Skyway is an excellent thing to have in the downtown area as it gets to be viciously cold inthe winter.  It’s kind of strange to think that some people (if they really wanted to) would never have to set foot outside if their apartment and work are connected to the Skyway.  Personally I think that sounds terrible… but I can understand the appeal of this, having lived through 7 Wisconsin winters.

We went to a TON of coffee shops including Birchwood, Peace Coffee’s Wonderland Park, the Angry Catfish, and Café Pateen.  My two favorites would have to be Wonderland Park and the Angry Catfish.  I had an excellent drink at the former called the Coco Rosie.  It was cold press coffee with coconut milk and rose water.  It was flippin sweet.  The Angry Catfish had a very unique setup—bike shop and coffee shop in one!  Can you say, “hipster central?”


Wonderland Park


The Angry Catfish

We were planning on camping at some point while in Minnesota, but we were thwarted again—this time by snow rather than rain.  What an unpleasant surprise that was…  We were lucky enough to have such accommodating hosts!


The great April blizzard of ’13


It was great meeting so many of Jake’s friends.  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly!  We had a great time playing cards, dice, darts, video games, and having drinks and excellent food with everyone.

On one of our last days, I got to see my friend Katie from Lawrence.  It was so great to see her and catch up.  It’s always nice to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while and be able to pick up right where you left off.

Overall review of Minneapolis:  If we can visit a city that has a blizzard in April and still like it, it must be a pretty great place.


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