Back in the Little Apple, or Brendan Leonard, you’re my hero.

Once again, Appleton has been good to us.  We left our jobs and our apartment almost exactly 2 months ago, but it almost feels as if we never left—we were able to pick up right where we left off.

It turns out that I was unreasonably nervous that Charlie would be mad at us when we came back to visit.  How wrong I was!  Immediately upon walking into my mom’s place, Charlie greeted us by nearly licking our faces off.  Charlie is our dog… did I mention that part?


what a gentleman

Kevin’s coworkers at Harmony joked about us picking up shifts at our respective coffee shops while we’re back in town.  My coworkers didn’t have the same sense of humor—I ended up working a shift last Friday.   And I thought I might never have a chance to make latte art again… silly me.  You guys are never going to get rid of me completely!  Mwahaha.


The terrible beard net that the mustachioed men of Harmony have to wear now

For an early Mother’s Day celebration, my mom and I went to a Timber Rattlers game.  The T-Rats (as we Appleton folk call them) are the single A minor league farm team for the Milwaukee Brewers.  The game was a double header, which in the minor league, apparently means that there are only 7 innings.  We figured that out when the announcer said it was time for the 5th inning stretch.  The T-Rats made a valiant effort to crush the Clinton LumberKings twice in a row but failed to win the second game.  The Clinton, Iowa team is obviously named after its city’s fame as the “lumber capitol of the world.”  Duh.  Oh wait… that was from the 1850s to the early 1900s… so I suppose Clinton’s claim to fame is not that relevant anymore.


The ladies hangin’ with the T-Rats

At the Timber Rattlers game, I was very surprised to see my high school hero, the man, the legend: Brendan Leonard!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this marvel of a man, he once had the best television show to ever grace ABC family.  The Brendan Leonard Show started as a cable access show, starring himself and his friends from high school.  The show was picked up by ABC family for one glorious season.  In this epic 40-episode season, I learned a lot, including surprising ways to use a spatula, the cool bands I should be listening to, duct taping your joints together makes it hard to play sports, and countless words of wisdom.

brendan leonard

Brendan Leonard, if you are reading this, it was excellent to meet you.  I hope you caught that double pickle on film.  Thanks for the wonderful film advice.  I kind of felt like “That Guy” coming over to talk to you, but walked away wanting to dance like the members of Team Fresh.  Yeah.

Other highlights from our trip have been playing Settlers of Catan with Jennifer, Mia, and Brian (and Alice!!), poker night (I broke even!), celebrating Elyse and my birthdays by tailgating at another T-Rats game (it hailed!), a lovely coffee date with Briana at Seth’s (coffee!), grillin’ by the fox (brats!), and walking our dawgs by the river with Jen (Charlie’s first swim!).  We also enjoyed seeing an excellent play at Lawrence directed by Tim Troy set in Dublin during the Easter Rising in 1916.  Everyone did an amazing job!


Tailgating. Who knew May 11th could be so cold.


“Oh my god I’m holding a baby!”
Just playin’ some Catan with Alice.

It’s been a great visit.  We look forward to seeing you all again later this summer!

Stay classy, Appleton.


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