Nashville discoveries

1.  Nashville takes eating seriously.  The only problem is if you want to find a grocery store in the city.  Most of what you will find are convenience stores.


And for those of us who DO eat rice cakes (on account of the whole no gluten thing) they are truly impossible to find in Nashville.


I like their logic.


Candy and soda store. Not for the faint of heart.


GF pancakes at the Pfunky Griddle. You make your own with the batter and toppings they provide on a griddle built into your table. Yum.


Yes… Pop Rocks.

2.  Nashville also takes their coffee very seriously.


Flavor clarity chart at Crema coffee shop.


It’s pretty serious.



Located in an old garage, Barista Parlor is about as hip as you can get.


High quality coffee, great setup, hipster haven.

3.  We can’t forget about the music!


Records, galore! (mostly country…)


If you look for it, you’ll find live music other than country… like blues. I liked some of the country music, but it was nice to find something else too.

4.  Nashville is full of surprises


Oh my god it’s the Parthenon!


Funny…. I always thought it was in Athens.

Overall review of Nashville:  It made us realize that we are not as cool as we once thought we were.


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