(insert clever title about camping here)

Kevin and I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out which dates we spent where over the last 3 weeks or so.  It was a lot harder than I expected.  When you don’t have a work or school schedule, the days tend to blend together in a strange way… even though every day on the road is different.

We’ve been doing a lot more camping on this leg of our journey (it’s easier with the whole no-more-snow thing), which has been awesome.  Camping has a way of clearing the mind, and making everyday problems seem less… problematic.  I was never much of a camper growing up (unless you count my dad setting up a tent for me and my friends in our backyard in the burbs of New Jersey), but I’ve been really getting into it.  Campsites have a way of blending together, but we found some strange ways of distinguishing one from the other.

Rustic Acres (Illinois): The one where we were the only ones in a tent, and clearly the only ones who didn’t live there all season.


Mammoth Cave (Kentucky): The one with all of the ticks.


Fuller State Park (Tennessee):  The one that was just an awkward field on the outskirts of Memphis.

(we have no photographic evidence)

Bienville (Mississippi): The one with the spiders.


No spiders to be seen in this photo.

De Soto (Mississippi): The one with the lake no one would want to swim in.


Oak Mountain (Alabama): The one where we went swimming and some little kids were arguing about the existence of sasquatches.

IMG_2093 IMG_2098

Cherokee National Forest (Tennessee): The one where it rained all night and we took cover under a shelter.


The aforementioned shelter.


Not being awkward.

Pisgah National Forest (North Carolina): The one where it rained and we stood, barely sheltered, under a tree eating our undercooked veggies due to the failed fire.  Also the place we saw a bear!


While this may look like a raging inferno, it will soon be put out by the onslaught of water falling in droplets from the sky.

Don’t be fooled!  Just because it looks like while camping I just stand around posing awkwardly while Kevin constantly tends the fire, this is only partially true.  I promise we do more than just that.  Like eat.  And sleep.


One thought on “(insert clever title about camping here)

  1. There have been a couple of bear sightings in Princeton NJ over the past couple of days. So you’re welcome to camp out in the back yard again for old time’s sake, and it’ll be just like camping in a national forest! Well, almost.

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