New Orleans

If you were to look up New Orleans on the internet, the most common word you’d find in describing it would be “crazy.”  I cannot think of a better way to describe it.

During our visit to New Orleans, we stayed with Marisa and her roommate Kim… who we had never met before…and they were awesome!  They even had two bathrooms in their apartment!  We felt like royalty.  Marisa is the girlfriend of Kevin’s friend Jake who we stayed with in Minneapolis.  That’s not confusing, is it?  It was really nice of them to let two strangers stay with them… we could have been ax murderers!  We’re not though.


Or maybe we are…
(photo courtesy Jar O’ Sass)

We found out very quickly upon our arrival to Hammond (the town where they live about an hour outside of New Orleans) that things were a little different down there.  On our first night in town, Marisa fixed me up a drink and she, Kevin, and I went to one of the many daiquiri drive-throughs we would see on our visit.  First of all, the idea of a drive-through where you can buy alcohol is pretty strange.  I’m pretty sure that in most places I’ve been there is no open alcohol allowed in the car, but I guess Louisiana is special.  I think the reason that this is allowed has something to do with the fact that they hand you your drink with a wrapped straw, which technically makes it a closed container.  Strange logic.

We began our first full day with a trip to the swamp!  We held an alligator.  It was sweet.  I’m thinking about getting Charlie a little alligator friend.  Good idea, right?  Our next task was to find some gluten free gumbo, and find it we did at Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop.  Chef Ron is the man!  After making these two stops on the way into New Orleans, Marisa taught us an interesting way of getting free city parking.  We gambled our way to free parking!  Harrah’s casino gives you free parking if you gamble for 30 minutes, so we each put $1 into the slot machines and mindlessly pushed a button for a half an hour.  We ended up making a $1 profit!  High rollers.


Marisa with our new alligator friend.




Awesome gumbo and jambalaya.


K-Man the big better.

While in New Orleans, we enjoyed the food, the music, the scenery, the culture, and the weirdness.


Beignets from Cafe Du Monde. Roughly 5 lbs of sugar you see there.


Frenchman Art Market


We ate ALL of the oysters.




Great music at the Spotted Cat.


Beautiful architecture.


Piano in a bathroom. Duh. Where else would you put it?


In New Orleans, money grows from the ceilings of bars. If you don’t have enough money for your drink, you just take money down.


Zombie Jesus was directing/ heckling traffic and chatting up firemen.


The Mississippi.

We had a great visit with wonderful hostesses.  I know that there was a lot more to do and see, but we had to move on to our next adventure…


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