Home in Oak Park, Appleton, and Minneapolis

As Kevin wrote in his last blog entry, we have recently begun to truly value the importance of having a home.  While we are on the road, our home is wherever we are at any given moment.  We have been so lucky on our travels to be welcomed by our friends, family, and the great outdoors, who have all shared their lives and homes with us.

Some of you may remember our questionable decision to drive nonstop from Montreal to Oak Park.  If you don’t, that is acceptable.  It wasn’t the most fun part of our trip… by a long shot.  We followed up that unpleasant drive with a wonderful week in Oak Park.  I always feel so welcomed by Kevin’s family.  They are great people to be around!  We have been traveling hundreds and thousands of miles away from home to see new things and have adventures, and sometimes we forget that there are really cool places so close to home!  When we were in Oak Park, we traveled just a little over an hour to go canoeing on the Fox River (different from the one in Appleton) and hiking at Starved Rock.  While we were in Oak Park, we also played a TON of Settlers of Catan, had fires in the backyard, went into Chicago to visit my friends Ashley, Jake, and Colleen, hung out with some of Kevin’s friends from high school, and celebrated Kevin’s 25th birthday.  He’s an old man now!


Canoeing on the Fox River!


LaSalle Canyon at Starved Rock


Starved Rock on Kevin’s birthday!

In the months leading up to our travels, I was so ready to get out of Appleton.  Maybe it was the terrible endless winter that made me so eager to get the heck out of there.  Our most recent visit in August has completely renewed my love for Appleton, and I will be very sad to no longer call it my home.  We have so many wonderful friends and ties to the community in Appleton.  It will be hard to move somewhere new and start over.


Mark came to visit too!


Adventures with my mom in eastern Wisconsin!


Roughly 1/3 of the hippest new band,… Holy Sheboygan! Check them out right away!

We set out from Appleton once again to Minneapolis to stay with Kevin’s friend Jake.  It had been a few months since we were last in Minneapolis (remember the April blizzard?) but it felt like we started right where we left off!  It’s always a fun, relaxing, semi-indulgent time when we visit.  Those boys are so wonderful.  When we have a home of our own, you boys are welcome to stay as long as you’d like!


Bevies with the boys in Minneapolis!

When I started writing this blog entry, I was really missing having a home of our own.  Though I do still really look forward to that day (not too far in the future now), writing about Oak Park, Appleton, and Minneapolis has made me realize that we will always have amazing homes in those places as long as our friends and families are there.

Not to be all cliche or whatever, but Kevin was right in his last post to say, “Home is where the Heart is.”  Word.


2 thoughts on “Home in Oak Park, Appleton, and Minneapolis

  1. What a nice post and pictures. Your adventure can leave you feeling a little at loose ends, but what I see is how tremendously connected you are and how many many great friends you have everywhere. That is a testament to the kind of people you are. You will have no trouble finding your place when you finally settle down. Enjoy this time. See you soon.

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